Nineteen Year Old Pilot Commended For Emergency Landing

Dodge County Sheriff’s officials have released more information about a plane that had to make an emergency landing in a field about 2 miles south of Beaver Dam Sunday afternoon. All four people in the plane were family members of a Madison, Wisconsin family including the pilot 19-year-old Remington Viney. She earned her pilot’s license in the fall of 2012. She told deputies on the scene that a switch, that changes fuel tanks, malfunctioned during the flight and as a result the plane lost power. Sheriff’s Lieutenant Brian Loos says Viney did a commendable job safely landing the plane in a recently planted corn field, which resulted in all persons on board being uninjured and the aircraft was not damaged. Passengers on board included 62-year-old Daniel Imhoff, 68-year-old Rose Imhoff and 49-year-old Tia Scanlon.