Marie Gilles

Marie Gilles, 96, of Fond du Lac, died July 26, 2023. Born June 17, 1927 in a home on Arndt Street, her childhood was spent in 3 different houses in the first and second blocks of Boardman Street. She married Leander Stephen Gilles in 1945 and they raised 2 daughters on Division Street. She was a member of the Fond du Lac Women’s chorus for nearly 50 years and served in the office of secretary several times.

Her parents and husband died before her and also her older daughter Janet Gilles Araoka and her husband Hiroshi of Ichikawa, Japan. Her first grandchild, Matthew Coffee of Aberdeen, MD. died in 2021 and was cremated.

She is survived by grandson Masahiro (Stephen) Araoka, his wife Keko, their daughters Ichigo and Tabatha Araoka, and Ichigo’s son Mutarou of Ichikowa, Japan. She is also survived by her grandson Hiroyuki (Mark) Kaburagi, his wife Megumi , and their 2 sons Daiki and Takato, and daughter Mai of Kashi-washi, Japan.

She is also survived by several cousins, nephews, great nephews, nieces, and great nieces in Wisconsin, Tennessee, Texas and Minnesota and their children.

Marie’s burial will be conducted by Uecker-Witt funeral. She will be buried at Calvary Cemetery, 686 Fond du Lac Avenue, beside her husband and parents on Monday July 31, 2023, at 1.00 p.m. Her elder daughter Janet Gilles Araoka is also buried nearby at Calvary Cemetery.