Oshkosh Arena To Start Charging For Parking

Concerts and basketball games will cost a little bit more starting in 2023 for patrons of the Oshkosh Arena in Oshkosh.

The venue has announced that starting in January, they will charge $10 to park in the lot adjacent to the arena.

A statement from the arena thanked sponsor, Verve, for allowing the arena to have free parking for the past five years.

As of now, the arena says the lot will remain self-parking, meaning there won’t be staff available to direct into specific parking spaces.

Those with VIP parking passes will still park as they currently do.

Reaction online was mixed with most people accepting the charge saying almost everyplace else charges to park, so it is not a big deal. Those that are opposed to the new fee say they will just park for free on the street near the arena.