Oshkosh Seeks Opinions on Rental Housing Inspection Proposal

The City of Oshkosh
wants public input on a new rental housing inspection proposal. The original
program required regular mandatory inspections – but was suspended earlier this
year because it did not comply with a new state law. The city currently only
inspects rental properties that are complaint-based – or any property that is
deemed unsafe or unsightly, with tenant approval, as well as just the outside
of properties around the city. 

The city is asking people whether they should
stick with the complaint-based method, the tenant approved option, the citywide
exterior-only – or all three. 

Landlords argue the city needs to educate owners
before violations occur. But landlords are not fined for initial inspections or
violations that are fixed within 30 days. Oshkosh
officials hope to implement the new program next year.