Parvo Virus Claims Seven Dogs At FDL Humane Society Shelter

The Fond du Lac Humane Society’s animal shelter is fighting an uphill battle against a contagious virus that is fatal to dogs. Shelter Manager Renee Webb says they’ve been closed for more than a week as they deal with canine parvo virus. Eighteen puppies and an adult female dog have the virus. She says they are taking care of the sick dogs while trying to prevent the virus from spreading to other dogs in the shelter.  She says they’ve lost 7 of the infected dogs. Webb says staff has dealt with rescue efforts that involved 168 cats, 198 cats and 72 huskies in the past, but that hasn’t been as emotionally draining as the past week. She says staff was particularly invested in the mother dog and her puppies who were delivered over Father’s Day weekend. Six of the eight puppies had actually been adopted and the disease took most of them.  She says they are at a critical phase now, but have months ahead of them before they can be completely sure the disease is gone.