Petri On Govt Shutdown, Clean Resolution, Debt Ceiling

Congressman Tom Petri says the House will continue to push legislation that would fund piece meal segments of the federal government while the stalemate continues over defunding or delaying the Affordable Care Act. The federal lawmaker from Fond du Lac says they are looking for a more sustainable way of funding the government. He says the goal is to change the way we are spending to ensure we don’t get into deeper trouble. Petri was asked if he would vote for a clean continuing resolution to fund the government. He says it would depend on a few things including how long it would be for and whether improvements could be made to get the deficit down. He says they shouldn’t give up trying to do their job of trying to put the country on a better path. As for a short term extension to raise the debt limit. He says they have made some progress on the national debt, but should be looking for long term solutions. Petri notes experts say October 17th is not a hard dead line for the debt ceiling, that it’s closer to the end of October or beginning of November. Hear the podcast:

10-7-13 Congressman Tom Petri