Possible explosive devices found in Lakeside Park

Several people magnet fishing, or trolling the bottoms of waterways with a strong magnet, looking to find metal debris, found possible hand grenades in Lakeside Park Saturday afternoon, April, 13, 2024.

Clayton Matulle and his magnet fishing friends are no strangers to finding suspicious items in the local lakes and rivers. Usually its old bikes or scrap metal, but the occasional gun will always get their hearts racing.

But today, two magnet fishing friends from Oshkosh, Eddie Valley and Adam Willcom, found a combined three hand grenades in the marina of Lakeside Park, on lighthouse Point.

The men called the Fond du Lac Police Department who in turn called the Milwaukee County Sheriff’s Office Bomb Squad to come take possession of the devices.

Based on looks, they had been in the water for quite awhile, but the real question is how did they get there? We will likely never know.

For now the Milwaukee County Bomb Squad has them and they will do what is necessary to dispose of them.