Puppies From Neglect Case Being Returned

A hearing in Fond du Lac County Court yesterday morning settled some of the ownership issues regarding 10 yellow lab puppies that were rescued from a Fond du Lac woman’s backyard in July.  Judge Richard Nuss ordered that those who had contracts with Stacy Checolinski have until Friday afternoon at 5 p.m. to pick their puppies up at the Fond du Lac Humane Society shelter. Those that aren’t claimed will be turned back over to Checolinski. Three of the puppies died from parvovirus while at the shelter. Meanwhile a trial is set for November 11th and 12th on the misdemeanor animal neglect charges Checolinski is facing. Ten of the original 20 charges were dismissed. A neighbor called police on July 8th after hearing the puppies barking. It was a hot and humid day and they were in a metal dog kennel in the backyard covered with a tarp. There was no food or drinkable water they could get to. Checolinski told police she had a friend stop by to check on the puppies that morning because she had to go to work early.