Racine County Offender to be Placed in Fond du Lac County

A Racine County sex offender is set to be released – and placed in Fond du Lac County on Wednesday. Preston Rintamaki will be placed at a home along Nitschke Road in Van Dyne. 

Extensive efforts from the Town of Eldorado, Fond du Lac County Corporation Counsel, and District Attorney’s Office all failed to keep him from being placed within the county. The Wisconsin Court of Appeals is continuing to allow the placement while a case against it continues. 

Sheriff Mick Fink has argued that the placement is in too close of proximity to minors – and that it is not an appropriate place for Rintamaki to stay. He also points to the “Not in My Backyard” violent sex offender placements addressed in legislation signed by the governor back in March. Fink says although he does not agree with the decision, he intends to honor the order and urges residents to contact his office should they need assistance in keeping the public safe.