Retlaw Owners Try To Make A Deal

The Fond du Lac City Council last night gave unanimous approval to renewal of liquor licenses for a number of establishments, but it was one that hasn’t been renewed yet that generated all the discussion. There are 13 more licenses that will be up for renewal at the Council’s June 26th meeting including the license for the Retlaw Hotel. City Manager Joe Moore told the Council last night they had talked to a representative of North Main Hospitality who said he would cut a check for $25,000 of the remaining $39,000 plus the hotel still owes the City in back taxes and fees if the City would forgive the rest. Moore said he wasn’t going to budge given the fact that the City has already held back more than $81,000 in debt the hotel owes in abeyance.  City Council President Sam Meyer says he hopes the owners of the hotel will meet their obligation by a June 25th deadline. Meyer says the license holders renewed last night were all able to meet their obligations to the City.