Sal’s Pizza hands out 150 meals to those in need Christmas Day

A local business in Fond du Lac helped spread the gift of giving this Christmas by cooking up and handing out 150 meals to those in need or who just wanted a warm meal and some nice folks to talk to.

The owner and employees of Sal’s Pizza, located at 105 south Main Street, announced a few days before Christmas that they would be at the Fond du Lac public library at
10 AM Christmas day with pizza, soup and sodas for any homeless people or anyone in need.

Employee Robert Burns said handing out left over pizza at the end of the night rather than throwing it away turned into this great gesture.

“Sal asked how he could help with feeding homeless in Fond du Lac and they came up with the idea to make 150 meals and hand them out Christmas Day.”

Burns says its not just Sal’s Pizza that is out here handing out food. He says the church he belongs to often joins him while he hands out pizza, and they hand out bag lunches that members of the congregation donated.

It’s this attitude of giving that Burns and Sal’s owner hope can continue next Christmas and have other local restaurants join them in donating to the Christmas day meal giveaway.