Scammers Target Veterans

The summer is a time for people to relax, but you still have to remain aware of who may be calling you. Scammers usually aim for more vulnerable targets, like the veterans and the elderly. 

Michelle Reinen from the Department of Trade and Consumer Protection tells us that scam artists will often try taking advantage of the generosity of many veterans by posing as charities supporting their prior service. She says “anyone can get that fake imposter call, but veterans tend to support those organizations more than the general public. So they are solicited specifically by these fake imposter charities.”

And although there are regular targets, Reinen reminds everyone to be vigilant about who has your information. She says people have to take note of “all of those red flags. You don’t need to wire money, don’t hand out your personal information. Just hang up. And if you’re concerned about a phone call you’ve received, find your own legitimate phone number and make contact with that organization to check in about your concerns. Don’t use the information you get during the call.”

Reinen also warns about contractors who show up to help out after big storms, advising homeowners to “be really cautious of these individuals, use local contractors, get things in writing regarding what the job will include – so that way you also have contact information, warranty information if you need to follow up on anything.”

Reinen says using a local service recommended by friends or family is usually the best option.