School Board Approves Teacher Salary Increase

The Fond du Lac
School Board approves a salary increase for teachers across the district.
Superintendent Jim Sebert says opportunities for major raises do not come
around very often. 

Sebert tells us “since the whole 2011 timeframe, the only thing that can be negotiated is
base wage. And that is governed by the consumer price index. Whatever that was
for the period preceding when your contract starts. So for this particular time
period, the CPI was 2.13 percent – which is the highest it’s been in some

Sebert adds that “it’s a nice day that we’re able to recognize teachers with a 2.13 percent raise. Certainly our people are worth it. We are blessed to have great – not only teachers – but incredible support staff, great custodial maintenance group, great administrators. It’s a district full of eight-hundred plus great people.”

He also mentions that the board could opt for a smaller increase, and “even though it’s 2.13 [percent], we could say well, we’re going to do 1 [percent] if we wanted. But you don’t do that, you do what you can to take care of people and help people. So it’s a great day in the district.”