Second person in area ignites self on fire

For the second time in a week, a person has apparently set themselves on fire in the area.

This time it happened in Oshkosh. At about 5:15 PM yesterday, reports started coming in of a man on fire in the entrance way of a business at 686 north Main Street.

An officer first on the scene stated the man had very severe burns to about 50% of his body.

Oshkosh Fire Department and ambulance responded, and the man was transported to a local hospital. No other information has been released on the incident.

On January 18th, a Fond du Lac Police officer was notified by a passerby that a man was pouring gasoline on himself near St Vincent DePaul on north Peters Street. The officer saw the man ignite himself and then grabbed the man and threw him in a snow bank to put the fire out.