Semis Cause Problems On Highways During Storm

The winter storm that dumped snow and ice across the state is making its way to the east.

The heaviest snowfall occurred yesterday evening in the 5 to 7 PM time frame and that coincided with what appeared to be the most trouble on local highways.

For the second time in a week, the northbound lanes of I-41, south of Fond du Lac were completely blocked by a semi.

Last night, Wednesday, February 22, 2023, around 6 PM, a northbound semi jackknifed about a half mile south of 151 and it completely blocked both northbound lanes.

Another semi went into the ditch at the same location trying to avoid the first semi.

Tow trucks from Whealons Towing arrived on scene around 6:30 and they were able to move the semi enough so blocked traffic could get through.

Just as both semis were cleared off the highway, another semi jackknifed on the southbound side of I-41 near Lone Elm Road, north of Fond du Lac, blocking both lanes.

Winnebago County Sheriff’s deputies assisted Fond du Lac County by closing the highway at 26 so no traffic could go through.

Coincidentally another semi had jackknifed on 41 just north of 26 around the same time.

I-43 in Manitowoc County didn’t fare any better. Around 6:30 PM, all southbound lanes were blocked near the City Of Manitowoc due to a crash. Just as that crash was getting
cleaned up, an 8 vehicle crash including 2 semis occurred on the north bound side in the same location blocking both northbound lanes.

Northbound 1-43 in Sheboygan County at Highway 23 also had a crash that completely blocked the highway.