Senator Gudex F-A-A Fee For AirVenture “Bad Politics”

State Senator Rick Gudex says officials with the E-A-A AirVenture shouldn’t have to pay $450,000 to the F-A-A to secure air traffic control services for next month’s event in Oshkosh. Gudex says Fox Valley state legislators did sign onto a letter he circulated asking the Federal Aviation Administration and members of Congress to work out the issue. However, E-A-A officials have agreed under protest to pay the fee to secure air traffic control services for AirVenture. He says fuel taxes pilots pay are supposed to taken care of those types of services. He says AirVenture is a major economic boon to the state’s economy. Gudex says the F-A-A was given the authority to move money around in the budget to accommodate air traffic control services for things like AirVenture, but they chose not to. He says they are trying to make a point at someone else’s expense.