Sheriff’s Office Warns Of Drugs Being Packaged To Appeal To Kids

The Fond du Lac County Sheriff’s Office is asking parents to be particularly aware of a trend of drug distribution in the area.

In a recent arrest, deputies encountered chocolate bars laced with psilocybin mushrooms and colorful candy or vitamin looking pills that deputies commonly encounter and are usually ecstasy pills, but in this case tested positive as methamphetamine.

Both of these drugs are produced to look similar in color and packaging to candy that is typically targeted to be sold to youth, however these drugs could be harmful or even fatal to a child who consumed them.

The drugs were found on March 12th shortly after 4 AM, when deputies observed a vehicle traveling on I-41 that had a registration violation.

Deputies conducted a traffic stop in the city of Fond du Lac on South Military Road a short time after the vehicle exited Interstate 41.

A K9 deputy arrived to conduct an open air sniff around the vehicle. As the K9 was about to start the sniff, the 36 year old Fond du Lac woman who had been driving the vehicle, and was now outside of the vehicle attempted to return to the car, at which time she resisted deputy’s efforts to place her into handcuffs. She was placed under arrest for resisting/obstructing.

K9 Iro was deployed and signaled a positive alert for drugs.