Snowmobile Drivers Still Drinking And Sledding Despite Warnings

The Wisconsin DNR is urging all snowmobile operators to Sled Safe and Sled Smart.

Impairment of any kind can have tragic consequences,” said DNR Off-Highway Vehicle Administrator Lt. Jacob Holsclaw. He says “With the big football weekend coming up, I can’t emphasize enough how important it is for snowmobile operators to be safe, responsible and sober.

Over the past five years, alcohol was involved in 68% of snowmobile fatalities.

In Onieda County this weekend alone, officials say there were eight people arrested for snowmobile OWI. In addition to the OWIs, there were multiple reported accidents, and numerous snowmobile violation stops.

The Onieda County Sheriff’s Office took the opportunity to post a message on their Facebook page saying “This is your reminder that these machines and alcohol do not mix.”

Local sheriff’s deputies and DNR conservation wardens will be amping up patrol efforts to enforce snomobile safety.

So far 9 people have been killed this snowmobile season in Wisconsin.