SSM Health St. Agnes Hospital physical therapy assistant receives BEE Award

Becky Schmitz, an SSM Health St. Agnes Hospital physical therapy assistant, has been named the newest recipient of the BEE (Be Exceptional Everyday) Award.  

Schmitz was nominated both by a colleague and a patient.  

      Her patient nomination shared, “Becky was extremely encouraging and helpful. She was also very supportive. Because of Becky, I get to go home before my expectations. Great experience all around. Thank you!” 

      Her colleague nomination shared, “Becky could easily be nominated for any one of these actions that she has completed. She continues to live the Mission and Values of SSM Health everyday with her personal and caring interactions with patients and staff. Her patient was being discharged and was homeless. With her own money, she purchased non-perishable groceries to keep in the patient’s care to make sure they didn’t go hungry.  

      “The wife of a patient she was treating was going to have her last cancer treatment and ‘ring the bell,’” the nomination continues. “Becky organized and coordinated having him surprise her at the cancer center for the ceremony, which she thought he would miss due to being hospitalized. Last year, she was the main planner behind our Therapy Services holiday party. She routinely does ‘little things’ to make a patient’s stay brighter. She will listen and pay attention, working to get the big picture of what the patient is going through. She will celebrate small milestones and hard effort by bringing in a can of the patient’s favorite soda that isn’t available here, small candies, or treats.” 

      The BEE Award is specifically designed to recognize non-nursing staff members who demonstrate great teamwork and communication skills, collaboration, professionalism, exemplary service, and a commitment to excellence.