SSM Health Therapy Services physical therapy assistant receives BEE Award

Erin Doyle, an SSM Health Therapy Services physical therapy assistant serving patients at Health Plaza A, has been named the newest recipient of the BEE (Be Exceptional Everyday) Award.

Doyle was nominated for the extra attention she gave a patient who was found waiting in the entry way as the clinic was preparing to close for the evening. After learning that the patient’s transportation did not arrive, Erin called a cab service and paid out of her own money to assist this patient. “Erin never asked for the money back, but she did check on the patient’s regular nurse to make sure the patient was safe,” the nomination shared. “As the nurse of this patient, I am so blessed to have people like Erin who are compassionate and caring for others. Erin always has a smile and is willing to lend a helping hand.”

The BEE Award is specifically designed to recognize non-nursing staff members who demonstrate great teamwork and communication skills, collaboration, professionalism, exemplary service, and a commitment to excellence.