State And Federal Investigators Aiding In FDL House Explosion Investigation

Fond du Lac Police and Fire are getting help from state and federal investigators in determining the cause of an explosion at 23 Doty Street late Saturday night. Assistant Police Chief Steve Klein says they asked the State Fire Marshal’s Office and ATF to assist in the investigation. The explosion damaged the entry way and door to a duplex at that address. He says there is a degree of human involvement in the explosion. One witness saw a man and a woman running from the area. Klein says they are canvassing the neighborhood looking for anyone that might have seen something. Police also checked with hospitals in Fond du Lac, Oshkosh, Ripon, Sheboygan and Waupun for any reports of burn victims, but none turned up. They also are checking with neighbors to see if they had security video they could review. Klein says that’s something they typically do. Anyone with information is asked to call Detective Lee Mikulec at (920) 322-3726 or the non-emergency number 906-5555. Fond du Lac Fire/Rescue photo.