Sturgeon enthusiasts and outdoorsmen gather to talk fate of the prehistoric fish

Hundreds of people, including fishing club members and longtime sturgeon spearing enthusiasts, attended a meeting in the gym at Stockbridge High School last night to hear more about efforts being pushed to protect the sturgeon population and the outlook for future spearing seasons.

The group “Sturgeon for Tomorrow”, local and state leaders, members of local fishing clubs and others were on hand to talk about sturgeon spearing and possibly placing the fish on the endangered species list, despite data from the DNR showing the Sturgeon population in Wisconsin is strong.

The issue was started when the group… Center for Biological Diversity pushed to get the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to list the prehistoric fish as endangered which would stop the hook and line season and spearing season everywhere, including the Lake Winnebago waters where the fish has flourished for years.

The group introduced their fight in 2018, but because of lack of movement of the motion, they brought the Federal Courts into the process in 2020 by filing a lawsuit to speed up the process. Now, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service has until June 30th of this year to present their findings and make a decision.

Representative Mike Gallagher is proposing a bill that would exempt Wisconsin sturgeon from being a part of the endangered species fishing ban.