Taylor Schabusiness Found Guilty In Dismemberment Murder

Jurors have returned a verdict of guilty on all counts for Taylor Schabusiness. The woman accused of the murder and dismemberment of Shad Thyrion in February of 2022.

Jurors deliberated for a little more than 30 minutes after the trial, which started on Monday.

The murder gained national attention after details came out that Schabusiness removed the organs of Thyrion after she strangled him in his mothers Green Bay home.
Schabusiness cut off Thyrion’s head, sexually assaulted him, then dismembered the rest of his body, investigators said. The victim’s mother found his head in a bucket.

During the trial, the prosecution showed a photo of Schabusiness lying next to her phone, showing a photo of serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer. She reportedly found him fascinating and attractive.

The case now heads towards the next phase today, which will focus on whether Schabusiness is responsible for the crime, or if she was suffering from a mental disease or defect at the time of the killing.