The Best Beer Brand For Your Zodiac Sign Is…

Happy national beer lovers day my friends! If there’s one thing Wisconsinites love, it’s an ice cold beer on a day that ends in y. But, it’s not just us Wisconsin folk that love a “brewski” and the good people at The New York Post know that too. They came up with a list of the best beer brands based on your zodiac sign, and here they are as follows:

Aries: Modelo – Aries people love to fight, so why not enjoy the beer that LITERALLY partners with the UFC.

Aquarius: Stella Artois – I’m an Aquarius so this one felt like a little disappointment. Apparently we’re the “star card” and Stella is Latin for star. Lame.

Taurus: Miller High Life – Taurus’s are known as the party sign. They just love to have a good time, so why not the beer that lives “the high life”?

Gemini: Budweiser – Other than Bud Light, Budweiser has always had successful marketing. Gemini’s are really good at getting messages across, so ya…

Cancer: Blue Moon – Because cancers are “ruled by the moon.”  

Leo: Corona – Leo is known as the regal sign. A crown is the symbol for Corona. You can kind of see where I’m going with this.

Virgo:  Michelob Ultra.  Because Virgos are health-conscious.  And Michelob Ultra is so watered down, it’s sometimes called the “Gatorade of beers.”

Libra:  Pabst Blue Ribbon.  Libras love fairness and equality, and PBR is loved by everyone from factory workers to hipsters.

Scorpio:  Guinness.  Because Scorpios are mysterious, and Guinness has been very tight-lipped when it comes to their trade secrets.

Sagittarius:  Sapporo.  Because you’re adventurous, and so was the guy who created it.  He left Japan in the 1860s at age 17 . . . which was forbidden back then . . . and studied brewing in Germany.

Capricorn:  Yuengling.  Because you’re determined, and so was Yuengling when they stayed afloat in Prohibition by making “near beer” with basically no alcohol.

Pisces:  Heineken.  Because you like pleasing people.  And the guy who founded their ad department once said, “I don’t sell beer, I sell enjoyment.”

Enjoy your National Beer Lovers Day, and always stay thirsty. Cheers!