The Reveal; Name Change To Thelma Sadoff Center For The Arts

Windhover Center for the Arts has a new name and a new identity that reflects Fond du Lac and the future of the Arts and Entertainment District – Thelma Sadoff Center for the Arts (THELMA).

When THELMA re-opens in September, it will be a premier venue providing the community with unprecedented access to arts, concerts and films, and a unique destination for weddings and corporate gatherings. The Fond du Lac Arts Council also has been renamed – Thelma Sadoff Center for the Arts, Inc.

“As we continue our leadership and advocacy for the arts, having THELMA to identify both our venue and organization provides us with an easily recognized and unified brand,” said Jim Thomas, president of THELMA Board of Directors.

Named for a woman with a classic style and an affinity for her community, this vital amenity is the cornerstone of the Arts and Entertainment District in downtown Fond du Lac and a spark for economic development in the region. Known as Windhover Center for the Arts, owned by the Fond du Lac Arts Council for 13 years, the new brand, along with the expansion and renovation of the arts center was made possible through the support of the Sadoff Family Foundation.

“Thanks to the generosity of Sadoff Family Foundation our organization will realize its vision of a vibrant home for high-profile arts and entertainment while being a catalyst for economic development in the Fond du Lac region,” said Kevin Miller, THELMA Executive Director.

Lacey Sadoff, granddaughter of the late Thelma Sadoff, said the Sadoff family is proud to be part of the new arts center and hopes the community will take advantage of all the new and improved amenities.

“The newly redesigned arts center will be distinctive yet comfortable,” Lacey Sadoff said. These are adjectives used to describe Thelma Sadoff too. “My grandmother had a smile that would light up a room and she took an interest in every person who entered her home, usually by offering them a slice of the best Bundt cake ever made.”

The new identity also includes a newly redesigned website that highlights the fresh bold look of the downtown arts center with colorful and beautiful photos.

“The site provides easy navigation for members and visitors to purchase tickets to any one of our exceptional concerts, to learn about current and upcoming high-profile exhibits, to sign up for art classes, and to inquire about renting THELMA for your next gathering,” said Jacqui Corsi, THELMA Director of Marketing.

Milwaukee-based Street Cance developed the new brand for THELMA. A vivid palette of bright hues sets the stage, symbolizing a brighter future full of color, life, vitality and new experiences. A unique feature of the logo – the partial A at the end of THELMA – denotes a distinct message that there is more to come.

“There will always be more to come at THELMA,” Miller said. “Members will always find new experiences and more reasons to return to THELMA. High-profile performers, art exhibits, and special gatherings at THELMA will also be a draw for tourists to visit Fond du Lac,” he added.

For the remainder of the summer, until the grand opening September 10-14, more details about what’s to come will be released through our “MEET THELMA” campaign, Miller said. People can find out more about Thelma Sadoff Center for the Arts by clicking

Thelma Sadoff Center for the Arts works to advocate, educate and provide access to the arts for the community.