Thiesfeldt Says Wall Started Out With Good Intentions

State Representative Jeremy Thiesfeldt says former Department of Corrections Secretary Ed Wall started out with the best of intentions. He says Wall had a law enforcement background and that isn’t quite the same as being a corrections officer. He says right away that caused some friction. The state lawmaker from Fond du Lac says Wall had a lot of ideas thinking he could improve the Department of Corrections. He says many of the things Wall said would happen did not and things seemed to get worse.  Thiesfeldt says shortly after the Governor suspended his campaign for presidents he met with him about Wall and that was long before the scandal at Lincoln Hills. Thiesfeldt says the meeting was because of concerns corrections officers had expressed to him.  Thiesfeldt commends Governor Walker’s appointment of Jon Litscher as Corrections Secretary. He says Litscher will have a calming influence because he’s done the job before.