Train likely the cause for City of Fond du Lac grass fire

A passing train thought to be emitting sparks as it travelled through the Fond du Lac area was the likely cause of a vegetation fire Saturday afternoon, April 13, 2024.

At about 1:20 PM The Fond du Lac Fire/Rescue responded to the area of Hwy 151 and the railroad tracks just east of the south Hickory Street on-ramp for a report of a grass fire. Upon arrival crews encountered the dry grass on fire adjacent to the railroad tracks on the Eastbound side of the road.  Shortly after the fire department arrived on Highway 151 another call came into the Fond du Lac County Communications Center for a second grass fire on the North side of 151 along Kohlmann Road in the City of Fond du Lac. The second fire was along the same railroad tracks as the first fire approximately 100 yards north of the first fire.

Both fires were extinguished with handlines from the fire engines as well as a brush fire ATV.  Both fires were under control and extinguished in approximately ½ hour.   

The Fond du Lac County Sherriff’s Department assisted with scene management and traffic control, shutting down .