United For Diversity Recognized

Members of Drug Free Communities of Fond du Lac County and their youth action team STAAND (Students Taking Action Against Negative Decisions) recently recognized United for Diversity at Fond du Lac High School for their efforts to reduce youth exposure to alcohol by making it a practice not to sell alcohol at Celebrate Community.

 Beginning in 2008 when Celebrate Community began, United for Diversity chose not to serve alcohol for two important reasons. “It is a family event and we thought alcohol was not appropriate at an event where people of all ages would be attending. Secondly, some of the cultures represented at the booths do not approve of alcohol use either personally or as part of their religious traditions. The event’s purpose is to celebrate cultures and promote diversity. Alcohol is not necessary to achieve the goals of our event” stated Tracy Abler, board member of United for Diversity.

Drug Free Communities and STAAND encourage other organizations in Fond du Lac to follow United for Diversity’s initiative to reduce youth exposure to alcohol.  Jennifer Smith who works at Big Brothers, Big Sisters and is a coalition member of Drug Free Communities stated, “I am always searching for community events where I can send my bigs and littles. Celebrate Community is an event where I know they will have fun in a safe and healthy atmosphere.”

April is designated as Alcohol Awareness Month to highlight the dangers of alcohol use by young people. The award to United for Diversity represents the importance that individuals and organizations have in positively shaping the alcohol culture in Fond du Lac.


Pictured are members of Drug Free Communities of Fond du Lac County, STAAND (Students Taking Action Against Negative Decisions), and United for Diversity for the Award Presentation on Friday, April 12. Front (L-R) Peggy Neuman, Margaret Jarek, Tracy Abler, Georgiann Froemke, Jeanne Rockow, and Lucy Dowling. Back( L-R)  Taylor Putz, Katrina Smith, Dana Bodart, Madisanne Shady, Sister Stella Storch, Jennifer Smith, Brandon Kutchek, Jordan Glendinning, Katyuska Rojas, and Daisy Frazier.