UWFDL Application Process Sees Minor Changes After Merger

The recent merger between UW-Fond du Lac and UW-Oshkosh could make applying to the schools appear a bit more intimidating than it actually is. Student Life Coordinator Jill Bangart says the application process has not changed much, albeit a bit different. But she thinks potential future students likely won’t notice much of a change. 

 She says “the application process from the user end really hasn’t changed. So students will still indicate which campus they hope to attend, they’ll still list UW-Fond du Lac as that campus. What is different is the communications that start coming to students. Those, once the applications are submitted – they hit submit – they actually go to our UW-Oshkosh admissions office.”

Bangart adds that there are some changes, but applicants might not even notice them. She says “the correspondence you’ll start seeing things come in the mail that maybe have UW-Oshkosh’s logo on that envelope instead of what was formerly UW-Colleges. So that’s probably the only change students will see for the spring or the fall cycle.”

Bangart points out that the applications could be taken care of in completely different places, depending on when a student hopes to enroll. She says “UW Colleges as we were formerly known processes the spring
applications. So our admissions office, for spring, is in Madison with UW Colleges. But for all new
fall – which we definitely see a much bigger application load for fall – is
through UW-Oshkosh.”