Water Clarity Improving For Sturgeon Spearing Season

Typically we check water clarity at least twice leading up to the sturgeon spearing season.  The first check was roughly two weeks ago and we had 4-7’ of visibility throughout Lake Winnebago, 3-6’ of clarity on Lake Poygan and 1.5-3.5’ on Lake Butte des Morts.  Our second check was Tuesday and included more locations throughout Lake Winnebago.  Overall, clarity has improved everywhere.  As of Tuesday we observed 7-10’ of clarity on Lake Winnebago with the clearest water found in the central part of the lake.  Further, there was a consistent 7’ of clarity throughout the Upriver Lakes. So it appears that clarity has improved on the average 2-3’ over the last two weeks.  We will have to wait and see how much more conditions improve over the next few days and into the season.  Good luck to those of you going out spearing Saturday and beyond!  

Ryan Koenigs

DNR Sturgeon Biologist, Winnebago System