Why did the tornado sirens go off over and over in Tuesday’s storms?

A big question asked in Tuesday’s storms was, why did the siren sound so many times in Fond du Lac?

Protocol for Fond du Lac County Communication Center is to sound all the sirens in the county if there is a tornado warning ANYWHERE in the county. So the first warning was issued for the northern half of the county including the City of Fond du Lac. So all sirens went off.

Then the southern half was put under a warning so all the sirens went off. Then the eastern half, so all the sirens went off, then the northeast part of the county, so again all the sirens go off.

This was an unusual situation. It was a huge area of storms with different areas of rotation. Not like the usual tornado warning that happens with a supercell that has one isolated area of rotation.

Waupun got a bonus siren because Fond du Lac dispatch will blow their siren for any tornado warning in Dodge County. Before Fond du Lac County had its first warning, northwest Dodge County had one, so Waupun should have had five sirens go off Tuesday night.