Wildlife Biologist Says Cougar Near Eden Unlikely

A wildlife biologist with the DNR’s Plymouth Service Center says it’s pretty unlikely that a cougar is in the Eden area of Fond du Lac County. Dan Weidert says he was first contacted by a man on August 19th who said he saw a cougar cross his driveway and in his pasture. He gave Weidert the name of another man who had a trail camera photo from July. Weidert says the photo is hard to judge, but based on other things in it including vegetation it’s too small to be a cougar.He says another photo of something on a cliff above a quarry is more likely a great horned owl. Weidert says if it is a cougar there’s not much to worry about because cougar or mountain lion attacks on humans are rare. Weidert says he couldn’t find any tracks and there were no reports of livestock loss. The DNR does have a website with information on reporting large mammal observations including cougars. Photos courtesy Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources.