Will egg prices be affected as millions of chickens killed last week due to bird flu

Egg prices may be affected as cases of bird flu are being reported last week on some egg farms resulting in the killing of over two million chickens.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture said all 1.35 million chickens on a farm in Ohio will be slaughtered to help limit the spread of the highly contagious virus after a case was
confirmed in the flock last week.

Another 940,000 chickens at a Minnesota egg farm also had to be killed.

In total so far this year, over 8 million birds have been killed to help control the spread of the disease with 5.8 million of those happening this month as several large egg farms have been struck including 1.2 million birds at an Iowa farm.

While sizable, the number of birds killed this year pales in comparison to 2022 when nearly 58 million birds were slaughtered as part of the outbreak.

It’s unknown how much the price of eggs could be affected if at all with the latest outbreak of the virus.