Winnebago Waterways Report Released

The 5-County consortium that asked people to Weigh-in on the Winnebago Waterways project is asking residents to do that once again. This time however they want to get Calumet, Fond du Lac, Outagamie, Waushara and Winnebago County residents’ opinions on a report gathered from 3 months worth of feedback. Erin Gerred is the Director of Administration for Fond du Lac County. She says not surprisingly the top priorities for most residents had to do with water quality issues. Such as algae blooms, polluted run off and invasive species rose to the top, but weren’t the only concerns. She says they’d also like to get residents’ opinions on what type of regional approach they’d like to see for a management plan for Lake Winnebago and its waterways.People can comment on the report until July 12th online at