Wisconsin DNR Stock Michigan And Superior Lakes With Over 3 Million Fish

The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources says it will continue an ongoing effort to help enhance fish populations in Lake Michigan and Lake Superior through 2023,
stocking an additional 350,000 fish through the rest of the year. This is in addition to the nearly 3 million fish it has already stocked so far in 2023.

According to the DNR website, the organization has stocked Lake Michigan with
405,000 brown trout
1,386,000 Chinook salmon
241,000 coho salmon
7,600 muskey and
522,000 rainbow trout this year.

DNR Great Lakes District Fisheries Supervisor Brad Eggold says, “We continue to assess the fish populations of the Great Lakes and stock appropriate numbers and species of fish to build on the success of stocking the lakes that started over five decades ago.”