Media Gets A Look At FDL Apartment Damaged By Fire

Fond du Lac Fire Department officials gave the press an unprecedented view of the results of an apartment fire inside the affected apartment. The fire damaged an apartment at the Willow Village Apartments on West Scott Street last Thursday afternoon. Fire Chief Peter O’Leary says it was one of three calls they got that day for unattended cooking fires, but the other two were simply smoke scares. He says this one started because someone was heating up a pan of oil to cook French fries and left it. He says a family of five living in the apartment was able to get out through a window on the ground floor apartment. He says they had an exit plan. Walls of the apartment were blackened by smoke, doors of a refrigerator were melted, as was a smoke detector halfway down a hallway adjacent to the kitchen. The smell of smoke permeated the apartment. Property manager Justin Christian says about 25 people living in the eight apartment units in the building were displaced at least for the weekend.