UW-Fond du Lac Campus Still Accepting, Helping with Applications

We are just one week away from August – and that means another school year is about to start up. Some students still aren’t sure which school they will attend – whether they are aiming for a big four year campus or a two-year campus like UW-Fond du Lac. 

Student Services Coordinator Jill Bangart tells us “the school year is right around the corner but there still is time. So we are still working with prospective students, getting them through the application process and getting the pieces of the puzzle in place where they can still get their placement testing – and there are classes still available  for students to register for fall.”

She adds that people interested in registering for classes are encouraged to stop in. There are “Walk-In Wednesdays are every Wednesday from noon to four from now until
the end of summer, so the last week of August – where we’ll have advisors and
admissions staff on-hand to help answer questions, whether it’s a question
about ‘what are my next steps, I know I’m doing this’ to ‘I have some
reservations, why might this be a good fit?’ Whatever the question may be,
those are great times to pop in and ask those questions.”

The UW System is also helping out people interested in applying to the UW-Fond du Lac campus, as Bangart says “they want to be very clear that our campuses are open for business and
we are operating as usual. So everything is moving forward, but just to take
some of that reservation out they have eliminated the application fee for the
two-year UW campuses – which saves anybody fifty bucks to get that application
started and underway.”